Indulgent.  Healthy.  Social.  Everyday.

That’s us at dRego’s Bakery:

  • With the little -or big- Indulgences (otherwise, what’s life about, hey?),
  • Healthy stuff (yes, both the savoury and the sweet) to balance out the “sins”,
  • Social: dRego’s Bakery is about Family & Friends; about Giving & Receiving;  about sharing a special moment with another soul over a coffee and a delightful pastry.
  • And we support your “Everyday“: the ordinary, daily aspect of who you are and what you do: eating, rushing to and from work, raising your families, making your life easier, and more fun, by providing you with fast and easy meals.  Start with our family quiches.

Come in, and check out what we have under our 4 categories.  You’ll be delighted, and surprised.

dRego’s Bakery @ 87 Booth Street, Annandale.

Phone us: 044-84-07-551.