dRego's: Our Manifesto

We believe in the importance of health and strength for all humans. We believe in creating really good food: Because we eat first. Everything else is secondary to feeding our body and soul. We believe in loving and caring for our people - everyone we meet, say hello to, or share a nod with. We believe in caring for our environment - it can only give us back what we give to it.

dRego’s Bakery Blog

Phone: 044-840-7551

Address: 87 Booth Street, Annandale (And you can, quite easily, park on the street, pretty much in front of our Shop, or on Trafalgar or View Streets.)...

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All your Party Catering made easy.

Corporate/Party Catering

You have a more important and time-consuming job  than organizing food for a party at home or the office, organizing a farewell or a cake for a team member’s birthday. So dRego’s makes it easy for you.   Simply phone in… ...

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